• 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗1
  • 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗2
  • 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗3
  • 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗4
  • 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗5
  • 棣栭〉骞荤伅鐗6
  • H-350
  • X-350
  • FC-10A
  • FJ-15D
  • OV-250S
  • L-800
  • LA-210+LA-212B
  • LA-208+LA-150
  • VRX-932+VRX-918
  • YW-206+YW-15B
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Contact person: Mr. Liang

Mobile phone: 15323345088

Fax: 020-86420740

Sales QQ:907969988

E-mail: 907969988@qq.com

Web site: http://www.gzovett.com/

Address: Baiyun District of Guangzhou city Shijing town Shijing Avenue from No. 266

Zip code: 510430

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Guangzhou ovett professional audio Co., Ltd.  is a set research and development, production, sales and technical services for the integration of audio equipment production enterprise, the company advanced technology, well-equipped, strong, with high efficiency, good reputation rise in the tide of commodity economy. The series of audio products, is a selection of domestic and foreign components is developed, is the crystallization of Chinese and foreign technical cooperation, the main product categories are: professional power amplifier, loudspeaker, professional Cara OK equipment, conference system, mixer and digital peripheral equipment......